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Saturday, May 08, 2021
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Wednesday Evening Group April "Injustice" Study:

The Wednesday evening study group will be spending the first three weeks of April (76, 14, & 21) examining cultural injustice in modern times, focusing on the lens through which we view these tragedies and how we are called as Christians to respond. On Wednesday 28th April, we will have a make-up session from our "World Religions" Study back in January/February examining Judaism in comparison with its relation to the Christian faith. These meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6:00 P.M. for an hour via Zoom: see below for the access code. All are welcome to join. Please contact Daniel Flesch at if you have any questions.
Zoom Access Code: 747 916 3398

Wednesday Evening Group May & June "Acts" Study:

The Wednesday evening study group will be offering a book study for the months of May and the first half of June titled "Acts" Catching Up with the Spirit" by Mathew Skinner. Mr. Skinner is a new testament scholar and a full-time professor at a Lutheran seminary, yet he is ordained teacher-elder through the Presbyterian church and serves a Presbyterian congregation part-time. While not Methodist, his research interests focus on unifying forces of Christianity. The book is available for purchase online, while encouraged, it is not required for those who wish to partake. All meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6:0 P.M. for an hour via Zoom; see below for the access code and meeting dates. All are welcome to join. Please contact Danial Flesch at daniel.flesch@outlook,com if you have any questions or need help with the Zoom link.
Wednesday, May 5th
Wednesday, May 12th
Wednesday, May 19th
Wednesday, May 26th
Wednesday, June 2nd
Wednesday, June 9th
Zoom Acess Code: 747 916 3398

A Beginner's Bible Reading Plan - Month 7

We are called upon by God to practice stewardship of the resources with which we have been gifted. This includes how we apportion our time, our energy and our financial resources, not just at church but in all of our earning, spending and saving.
With that in mind, for the next few months we are offering monthly suggestions for personal financial stewardship. From the Dave Ramsey website, here is your second installment:

Save on insurance with an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP).
Are you paying too much for insurance? Are you sure? A lot of people don’t actually realize how much money they can save by taking a deeper look at their insurance expenses. Trying to make sense of it all on your own can be overwhelming, so give an ELP a call to see if they can help sort it out for you.

Sermons All Week... All Year

If you miss a sermon and want to stay current with a series, or review past ones, the text and audio podcast of each week’s message are uploaded to You can find texts and audio for the past two years… you could put together your own private retreat!

Online Connections

Are you a regular user of Facebook? Jen Johnson has offered to help keep our church page updated with short notices of events and occasional announcements.

Let Jen or staff know if you can help with newer lines of communication. There’s a whole generation who may not read The Messenger or church bulletins but may well respond to invitations received on their phone. If you are connected to online worlds, help FUMC connect people through modern means Wesley surely would use today.

Do you like spending time with children? We still need volunteers to be in the Nursery on Sunday mornings during the 10:00am worship service. If you would be willing to give of your time in this way, please contact Martie at the church, 715-842-2201. Thank you!



Confirming Our Faith


Please be praying for seven youth who have been deepening their faith as they prepare to be confirmed next year. They are Gideon Adams, Oliver Hornby, Pete Johnson. LacKenzie Marquardt, Michael Marzu, Logan Rohland, and Jayden Voss. Every week as they watch our worship service (and soon will attend), they reflect on three questions: 1) What part of the service helped me feel closer to God? 2) What part of the Service was difficult to relate to or understand? 3) What is God asking me to think about or do differently?


We have a 24 session class curriculum that covers a basic understanding of our Christian faith, the background of Methodism, and what it means to commit to our faith and church. After 6 weeks of classes this fall, we decided to wait until after Easter to safely resume our classes for 6 weeks between April 7 - May 12. We'll do the same this next school year – 6 weeks of classes in the fall, and 6 weeks in the spring of 2022 culminating in Confirmation in May 2022.


When the students are not in classes, they have been building relationships with their mentors (as much as COVID has allowed), particularly through serving together at Claire's Critter Closet. Many thanks to Denny Carey, Margaret Getzin, Dan Maguire, Dan Marzu, Ray Nowaczyk, Diane Zahn, and Ike Zahn for serving as mentors for these two years and hopefully beyond as friends!



Laura Kelly Fanucci is a mother, writer, and director of the Communities of Calling Initiative at the Collegeville Institute, housed at Saint John's University in Collegeville, MN. She writes about parenting and spirituality at Mothering Spir- it ( and in her nationally syndicated column for Catholic News Service. She earned her Master of Divinity from Saint John's School of Theology and her BA from the University of Notre Dame.

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