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Friday, February 23, 2018
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From the Pastor's Desk

Jayneann McIntosh


From Pastor Jayneann's Pen

What are some ways that you pray for your church? Do you pray for the worship ministries? For Martie, Rob and the other musicians? For the day’s reader, the ushers and greeters? For the Faith Formation Classes? Do you pray for our Finance and Staff-Parish Relations committees and our Trustees? Maybe you pray for our Missions or Aesthetics ministry teams.

Maybe I ought to put this into October’s Messenger, after all October is Pastor Appreciation Month. But I crave your prayers. Do you pray for your pastor? (If not, could you start?)

The following is adapted from a blog for pastors that I subscribe to. Some of the items are smaller here some are bigger, but all are important. Please read it. And please pray.

Ways to Pray for Your Pastor

We all need prayer. We all need to pray. Will you pray for your pastor in these specific areas?
Pray for wisdom. Pastors are confronted with challenging situations and decisions. we need God’s wisdom to be the leader God calls us to be.

Pray for protection. Pastors are attacked in many ways. We face temptation just like everyone else.
Pray that I can withstand critics and bullies. Some people are obviously aggressive; others passive aggressive. All are painful. And every pastor has them.
Pray against discouragement
  • From comparison. A church member tells the pastor to listen to a podcast “to learn how to really preach” (actual words said tho’ not to me). The message: You don’t measure up.
  • From members leaving. It’s hard not to take it personally. It’s harder when the departing member tells us to take it personally.
  • From decline. Two out of three congregations in North America are declining. That is a painful, discouraging reality for any pastor.
  • From conflicts and disunity in the church.
Pray for discernment. Pastors are pulled many ways. We are expected to be in many meetings, events and pastoral situations. Pray we will be able to say “no” more often. Pray we will take the “down time” we need to be present as pastor.

Pray for financial pressures. Many churches struggles with finances. Many pastors are underpaid. We struggle with financial challenges. “I like for our pastor to be underpaid. It keeps him humble and dependent on God” (actual quote from an active leader of a church)

Pray for gospel opportunities. Pastors are energized when we have the opportunity to share the gospel. Unfortunately, so much of our time and energy goes to administration and meetings. The demands of the church are so great. Pray that we keep gospel priorities.

If you truly desire a healthy church, devote five minutes each day to pray for your pastor. It could be the most valuable commitment you make.


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