First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Saturday, August 24, 2019
Live and Share God's Love


Deaths: We grieve this month with the loss of these members of our church or of our families,
David Werhane, a long time member of our congregation died on June 1st.

John Drengler,
a long time member of our congregation died on June 15th.


Exciting News!

Soon Jesus will be able to see Wausau again! The Board of Trustees has contracted with Allen Staige, of Staige Stained Glass Restoration of Onalaska, to have our stained-glass window cleaned and repaired this summer. After this, the very cloudy plexiglass will be replaced with clear safety glass. This is big news!

The cost of the project is just over $29,000. At this writing we have received commitments that will supply 80% of that cost.

You can help! Contact Martie about how you can offer a gift to help with the cost of this project.

Savvy Seniors is a social group, available to singles or couples over the age of 55, who enjoy good company and a variety of foods. On the first Monday of the month at 11:30 we meet at a designated restaurant in town for fellowship and food.

I have a list of 13 local restaurants that are rotated monthly so there is a variety of meal options. Attendance varies monthly from 16 to 22 people. The restaurants are accessible. We are always excited to have fresh faces join us.
Vicki Nowaczyk     
Savvy Seniors will meet at 11:30am on Monday, August 5th at El Tequila Salsa, 2000 N Rib Mt Road

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women (UMW) is a faith-based membership organization of women within The United Methodist Church. UMW members are committed to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in community with other women and advocating on behalf of women, children and youth around the world. United Methodist Women has been in mission for more than 140 years. They are…

A community of women whose purpose is …
  • to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ
  • to develop a creative supportive fellowship
  • to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church
Once a month UMW members meet in small groups called "circles." Please consider joining us! There is probably a circle that meets your interests and schedule:

Circle meetings and Sunshine Gals will begin again in September.

Dates to Remember:

July 22-25 Mission U, Wisconsin Rapids

July 26
Mission U Overview Day

August 15
Executive Committee

August 26
Unit Meeting

The Sunshine Gals loved taking their warmth to the residents at The Gardens and Mount View Care Center the past years. We have spread our sunshine with music, sharing readings and our thoughts, adding laughter and smiles, conversing with memories, and showing our care through our handshakes. We have become good friends with the common cause of spreading love.

If you would like to join us and take part in this ministry of our church, we would truly welcome you!!! Please call me if you have questions at 715.359.7756.

Arlene Trull

Downtown Memory Cafe 2019 Events

January 17: “Turnin’ Wood!” Join us as we meet “woodmaster” Bob Stavran  for a wood turning demonstration!

February 21: “Antiques Roadshow!” Wondering about the value of something you own? Local expert appraiser Jim Schaefer will be here to entertain and help us figure it out!


March 21: “For Your Listening Pleasure…” Reminisce together over some Golden Age of Radio favorites like The Shadow…Roy Rogers…Tarzan and more!


April 18: “Our Story” Evoke memories at the downtown Wausau Library as we look at a history of Wausau on microfilm and in local books. Why not create a story of our own!?



May 16: “Happy 5th Birthday Downtown Memory Café!” Back by popular demand, welcome well-known ragtime piano entertainer, Jim Radloff. This promises to be a toe-tapping birthday party!


June 20 “Beauty in Sound” Local mother-daughter harpists Kirsten and Claire Hornby will melt our stress away at this Cafe!


July 18: “Picnic in the Park!” Hot dog! We will be back at River Street Park in Rothschild for a picnic under the shelter and perhaps a stroll along the river?


August 15: “Going to the Fair!” Peplin 4-H Club members will bring the fair to us with animals, vegetable judging and more!


September 19: “Little Red Schoolhouse” Anna Straub from the Marathon County Historical Society will take us on a trip back in time when we meet at Marathon Park’s one-room schoolhouse.


October 17: “Our Fine Feathered Friends” We take flight with help from The Raptor Education Group of Antigo, bringing 4 birds and what promises to be a wing-flapper of a program!


November 21: “The Apple of your Eye” Olivia Telschow from Helene’s Hilltop Orchard will provide bushels and pecks of apple fun!


December 19: “Ho Ho Ho, Who Wouldn’t Go?” Holiday-themed!




Pie & Ice Cream Social
August 4th

Please join us for a Pie & Ice Cream Social on Sunday, August 4 following the 10:00 service.
The Welcome & Communications Ministry Team will provide the ice cream and toppings.

Please bring your favorite pie to share and enjoy a time of fun and fellowship

Moments of Resurrection

All ladies of the church (and their friends) are invited to join United Methodist Women members on Monday evening, August 26 at 6:30 as our own Nancy Runner will talk about her moments of resurrection as described in her book, Early Birds Flock Together. Have you had a resurrection moment? Join us for this evening of Christian fellowship. Copies of Nancy’s book will be available for purchase.
Barb Ritchie

Aesthetics Ministry Team

The Aesthetics Team was busy earlier this year helping to prepare our building so the Y Childcare could move in. We helped organize and clean the classrooms, storage rooms and basement.

This summer and fall you will see several committee members and volunteers paint hallways, doors and classrooms to give a fresh, clean look to our building. We also hope to redecorate the main office to give it a more warm and welcoming feeling. Finally, we plan on coordinating a “rummage sale” this fall to find new homes for all the extra items that we do not need to put back into the classrooms after the Y moves out. 

Mary and Tony continue to keep our church grounds looking green and blooming – thank you!!!
Sue Kissinger

Random Thoughts July/August 2019 by Mike Zahn

Basketball and Spiritual Gifts

When I was young, I wanted to be a basketball player. The only problem was that I was too short, too slow, lacked skills, and didn’t work very hard. When I tried out for 7th grade basketball I got cut and I was crushed, even though I was shorter than John Cameron, slower than George Curtis, couldn’t shoot as well as John King, and didn’t work as hard as Scott Decker. Then I was given the chance to be a manager for the team, and participated in that role all the way through high school. I got to hang with my friends, shoot free throws, spin the ball on my finger, clean basketballs, keep statistics, and do whatever else needed to be done to get the team ready.

I recently took a course in Rediscovering Your Spiritual Gifts, and my basketball experience reminded me of Spiritual Gifts. Each and every follower of Jesus is given (not earned, but given as a gift), one or more spiritual gifts, as listed primarily by Paul in Romans 12:3-8, 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 and 27-31, and Ephesians 4:7-16. These include the following (there is no ranking, all gifts are equal): Apostleship, Prophecy, Evangelism, Pastoring, Teaching, Encouragement, Knowledge, Wisdom, Assisting, Giving, Leadership, Compassion, Faith, Discernment, Miracles, Healing, Tongues, and Interpretation. In a similar way that a basketball team is made up of many players with different skills, the body of Christ is made up of people with different spiritual gifts.

We want to discover our particular gifts, because when we are serving God using these gifts, we tend to be more passionate and happy, and therefore more effective in our roles. So whether it is on a basketball team or in a church, find out what you are meant to do and do it!

Equal Exchange Fair Trade New Product!

We are adding another product to our Equal Exchange inventory. It is a single serve coffee for use in Single Serve Machines. There are 12 cups per box and it is compatible with Keurig 2.0. The cost will be $8 per box.

(Equal Exchange single serve coffee cups are a greener alternative to traditional K-Cups.* Our organic single serve coffee is sourced directly from small-scale farmers and disadvantaged producers around the world. You get the same quality, organic coffee you know and love in a convenient, environmentally friendly coffee pod. Our Fair Trade organic single serve coffee cups are made from recyclable plastic and aluminum with a compostable filter. The conversation around waste from K-Cups is an important one, and we want to do our part to reduce waste with our single serve coffee cups. If you use a Keurig, make the switch to our environmentally friendly, organic coffee cups and do your part to reduce, re-use, and recycle. Equal Exchange is not affiliated with KEURIG, Inc.)

For the more than 20 years United Methodist Women have been offering Equal Exchange Fair Trade products to our congregation. This decision was made to introduce people to a way of supporting a more equitable alternative trade system that empowers small farm- ers worldwide while also providing support to United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) and the UMW mission projects.

Equal Exchange is a co-op business structure that has over 120 worker-owners, each with an equal stake and an equal vote – in the business. Their mission statement is “We believe that we should expect no less from ourselves and each other than we demand of our farmer partners. For that reason we have organized ourselves as a democratic worker co-operative, now one of the largest in the country.” Thank you for your continuing support of this work. Mary Ann Dykes

God’s Love Breaks Through

By Joan Stroyny

Even when my faith seems faded, Lord,
the blossoms of spring return alive and new;
And when in brokenness my heart appears,
it’s your love that always breaks through.

Even when my eyes don’t see, Lord,
the morning light is created by You;
with Christian love and care abiding,
it’s your love that always breaks through.

Even when I can’t find hope, Lord,
your spirit soars among the skies of blue;
and when my strength can not avail,
it’s your love that always breaks through.

Even when I don’t have peace, Lord,
your tranquility surrounds the misty dew;
and when other answers fail and fall,
it’s your love that always breaks through.

Even when my soul is sleeping, Lord,
show me the journey I must pursue;
and if my life is broken helplessly,
it’s your love that will break through.

This is the victory of Easter,
when Christ is risen to set us free;
so the brokenness of spirit and sin
brings salvation and peace eternally.