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Friday, August 12, 2022
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Volunteers Needed!

Update On Personal Needs Closet & Claire's Critter Closet

Happy summer, members and friends of FUMC Wausau! As a regular volunteer once a month to both the Closets our church has been serving our community, it seems like this is a good time to refresh everyone's memory about both of these service opportunities in our church. Now that the pandemic is generally behind us, hopefully some of you are looking for ways to once again help out in our church and in our community. (You can always wear a mask if you're more comfortable that way!)

On the 2nd Tuesday of the month, I am currently the only regular non-staff volunteer present during the open hours of 1:00-3:00 pm. While it is wonderful to have Pastor Rebecca, Martie, and Andy visible and present during this time, it would be even more wonderful if they did not have to be there as actual volunteers/workers! They could use that time in their offices sometimes, or if available to help, to visit with the people who come and share God's word with them. The 4th Saturday of each month is another day the Closets are open. While church staff members don't generally work on that day, the dedicated group of volunteers on that Saturday could use some extra help as well.

We are the busiest usually form 1:00-2:00, when First Presbyterian's food pantry is also open. Things get little quieter between 2:00-3:00. Being a volunteer for one of our Closet days is both fulfilling and not very difficult. One person is needed to be a greeter and help each person navigate the registration process as he/she comes into the building. People are then called by their registration number to the computer room, where they are officially checked in. Then a volunteer helps them get their items from either the Personal Needs area or the Claire's Critter area, or both. Some people do need help out to their cars if they have a lot of items, but usually that works out between the volunteers present if there are heavier things. We also now have a cart to help with heavy items, like cat litter or large dog/cat food bags.

The people who come into the Closets are so grateful for the help and support they receive. It is a wonderful way for our church to reach out into the community to those who need the help. Please consider giving some of your time on either the second Tuesday or fourth Saturday of each month to help out in these areas!

Bonnie Goertz

Family Camp

Come join us this summer for family camp on July 15-17 at Pine Lake Wildwood Campground. The cost is $70 per camper vehicle and $35 per tent. A deposit of $35 for camper vehicles and $20 for tents is due by June 5.
Everyone is welcome! Make plans now to be a part of this fun-filled weekend.


First UMC of Wausau also offers Online Worship!

Did you know that most new church visitors have first visited us online? Offering online worship is the new "front door" to reach out to and welcome new guests and members. It also offers existing members the benefits of staying connected even if you're out of town or under the weather.

Our Sunday service is live-streamed at 10 am on our YouTube channel at this link:

By mid-afternoon on Sundays, the video is fully uploaded to watch anytime. Please be sure to click the red "Subscribe" button. It also helps us share God's grace and truth with more people when you click the "Like" button and write a comment every time you watch a worship video. Unfortunately, we don't know who is joining us online unless you comment on YouTube or keep us updated via phone or email. Please let us know how when you're virtually present. Thank you for we can spiritually support you even only able to be connecting and supporting Christ's mission together!


Cultural Orientation and English Language Learning for Refugees

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays several rooms upstairs are being used to welcome dozens of new Afghan refugees. Classes are from 10-11:30 and 12:30-2 for adults, and their pre-school children enjoy playing nearby. New Beginnings for Refugees is overseeing these educational programs, with Mary Testin as the Coordinator. There are over 40 fully-vetted and trained volunteer teachers for English Language Learners (ELL). They also could use some volunteers (with back ground checks) to help with caring for and inspiring the preschoolers. Please contact Mary at 715-581-8111 if you're interested in helping.

Awning and Concrete Repair Project

The Trustees would like to make the entrances to the church from the parking lot safer, the signage clearer, and the north side of the building more visually welcoming. After reviewing our options, we would like to repair the concrete, widen the slope to the entrance by the Sanctuary and install large powder-coated aluminum awnings that completely cover the accessible entries to the two main entrances from parking lot. Both awnings would have a fascia with 8" lettering to lead guests to the right door. the

This project will cost about $20,000 in donations to protect better our most-used entrances and welcome people to our church. Please write "awnings" in a check memo with any support you can give or see Bruce Brandenburg or Pastor Rebecca with questions. Thank you!

Sanctuary Awning 


NEW PRODUCTS-- Mission-Driven—in the UMW cabinet!

Coffees--Just in for Spring!

Organic LoveBuzz, med-dark roast whole bean ($8.00/12 oz) New!
Organic Mama Tierra light roast ground coffee from Oaxaca, Mexico ($10.00/16 oz bag) New!

We still offer 12 oz bags of ground decaf—$9.00 and regular Cafe Salvador—$8.00

Prefer Tea?

All varieties of our organic teas are $4.00/box. Try the English Breakfast for a little boost or Jasmine Green (New!). If you want a relaxing herbal cup, try Rooibos, Ginger or Peppermint (New!).

Chocolate treats for your Easter basket!

Pick your favorite organic, Fair Trade chocolate bars for $3.00 ea. in these flavors:
Dark Chocolate Lemon Ginger
Dark Chocolate Orange
Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch (New!)
Panama Extra Dark
Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt (New!)
Milk Chocolate
Chocolate with Coconut Milk (vegan, soy and gluten-free) (New!)
Your purchase helps our UMW mission projects, UMCOR, and supports farmer-owned coffee cooperatives in Central America and Mexico, as well as small tea farms in India, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Thank you for shopping BY CAUSE!

Prayer Corner

We grieve this month at the loss of former member Muriel Lambert, who died May 20th.

Congratulations to Ken & Marian Attoe on their 50th
wedding anniversary, June 10th.

The Messenger

Our next newsletter will be a combination of the middle of July (7/18-8/31) and the full month of August (8/1-8/31). If you have any articles to submit, please have those into the office by June 27th.

Thank you.


July We assist families in need by providing pet supplies for their critters large and small. Claire's Critter Closet is open twice a month Missions to pick up needed pet supplies. Donate loose change, put cash in the small brown envelopes in the pews or write Claire's Critter Closet on memo line of your check.

August donations support our Community Dinner Ministry. On the 5th Sunday of the month, we take the lead in providing community meal for anyone who is hungry. With Covid-19 we are offering boxed meals and handing them out in the parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church. We look forward to being able to serve inside the church when it is deemed safe. If you want to get involved, we will be needing baked goods to add to the meal. Please contact Jen Johnson at 715-470-2527 and she will arrange a time to pick up any baked goods. Thank you to the volunteers that grocery shop, prep meals, bake and help serve. Our next meal will be July 31st, 4:00pm at the Firs Presbyterian Church. Please also keep our dinner guests in your prayers.

Thank you, Jen Johnson

Wednesday Ecumenical Prayer Vigils for Ukraine

It is heart-wrenching to see the suffering in and around Ukraine. As people of faith, we come together to pray for those being those who are brutal or afflicted, those who are serving, and even blinded by propaganda. During Lent we prayed at noon on Wednesdays, but we're adjusting our schedule from noon to 5 pm on only the 3rd Wednesday of the month to hopefully welcome more people to join in prayer together. Here are upcoming dates and places with services at 5 pm lasting for about 30 minutes each.

Please join together in prayer as a way to unite as Christians in support of peace, freedom, safety, and healing.

May 18, 5pm - Grace United Church of Christ
June 15, 5pm - First Unitarian Universalist Church
July 20, 5pm - First United Methodist Church

Savvy Seniors will meet on Monday August 1st, 11:30am st Wausau Mine Company.

Random Thoughts

by Mike Zahn
July/August 2022

How Can I Help You?

"How can I help you?" That's not just line from your friendly hardware folks at Ace. That's what the prophet Elisha said to the widow in 2 Kings 4:2.

This was in response to a plea: the widow was the wife of a man from the company of prophets, and she cried out to Elisha: "Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that he revered the Lord. But now his creditor is coming to take my two boys as slaves.' Elisha replied to her, "How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?" "Your servant has nothing there at all, except a little oil."

The Lord then, through Elisha, proceeded to perform a miracle. Elisha instructed her to borrow as many empty jars from her neighbors as she could. Then she was miraculously able to fill all the jars with oil, enough to pay her debts and live on the money left over!

Elisha was prophet of God in a dark time. 850-800 BC was during the era of kings in Israel and Judah. This was a savage era, a time of wicked kingdoms, constant wars, deceit, mass killings and volatile loyalties. In this environment, Elisha was a breath of fresh air. He performed many miracles, and most of them were to help people in distress. Elisha was filled with divine grace, Holy Spirit, and he used them for the good of people. He brought kindness to a cruel world.

We can make a difference in today's cruel world. God needs us to do sO. Every good thing, every act of kindness is from the Lord, whether we recognize it as from God or not. Every time we help someone, we hold the wickedness of the world at bay and bring the kingdom of God to light, if even for a brief moment. May we always be more willing to be kind than to criticize or condemn.

Mike Zahn

Display Cases

Would you like to show us your treasures in the church display case outside the office? We would love to see it!

Artwork; Collections; Antiques; Photos; anything you would like to share.

Check out the beautiful bunny collection by Andrea Anderson currently in the display cases.

If you want to learn more about staying safe on-line, here are a few links to some good information....

 A few more tips on keeping your computer safe.
Always update your operating system (Windows 10 or Apple OSX) and keep it updated by installing the Security Updates that Microsoft or Apple sends you. Both Microsoft and Apple have gotten very good at protecting your PC or Mac if you keep them updated. That means when you get a software update notifications from them you should install them, especially those that are titled Security Updates.
Consider installing some Anti-Virus software if you have not already. If you have Charter/Spectrum as your internet provider they offer  FREE Security Suite Anti-virus software to their customers. Other options are McAfee or Norton Lifelock, both involve monthly fees.
If your PC seems to be running slower than it used to you may have been infected with Malware or Adware. There's some excellent free software that can be used to scan your hard drive a find it and quarantine/remove it.
Here's the link: