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Friday, March 23, 2018
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First UMC in the Wausau Community and World

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FUMC Missions

March Mission Offering

This month, we celebrate our church’s mission and ministry to the community by supporting the Personal Needs Closet. In 2017, we helped over a thousand people stretch their budget by providing household supplies. To give to this mission offering, use the small brown envelopes in the pew rack.
Remember that the Mission Offering must be clearly marked. Either write a note on your check or use the brown envelopes in the back of the pew. Just loose change in the offering plate will not go to the monthly offering.



Campbell’s Labels
Milk Moola Caps

Many of us have been saving labels from Campbell’s cans to be redeemed by Northcott Neighborhood House in Milwaukee. This month, Campbell’s is discontinuing this program, so we will no longer be collecting those at the church.
Also, please bring in any “Milk Moola” caps from milk purchased at Kwik Trip stores as soon as possible. The caps will be taken to Mission u in Wisconsin Rapids July 24th.



UMW, Making Mission Practical  

Fair Trade - Equal Exchange Coffee. This is a small gesture you can make to provide fair wages to coffee, tea, and cocoa producers throughout the world. It can be your personal mission project!
Tanzanian Jubilee Coffee and Café’ Salvador are regular drip grind coffeeand are the most popular. Decaf, drip grind, organic whole bean and flavored coffees are available also, as are organic hot cocoa mix and herbal/organic tea. Supplies are in the cupboard next to the fireplace in the parlor.

Regular ground - $8
Whole bean - $8
Ground flavored - $9
All decaf - $9
All teas - $4
Hot Chocolate - $6
Organic very dark Chocolate bars - $3
To purchase take your product, place the money (check or cash) in a brown envelope (in the cupboard) and put the envelope in the drop slot near the church office.


"Point in Time Count" and breakfast for the homeless in Wausau

Point in Time Count Photo 1


How much do you know about hunger in Marathon County?

Based on a food pantry survey of clients in 2016, what  percentage of clients indicated Unemployment Benefits as a source of income?

(a). 5.23%   (b). 8.74%    (c). 12.59%   (d). 18.31%

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Dear Pastor Jayneann McIntosh and First United Methodist Church team: Thank you for generously serving as the headquarters for the Housing and Homelessness Coalition homeless Point in Time Count on January 24, 2018. In total, 4 individuals were identified as homeless. The information will be used to further support the Coalition’s homeless initiatives, as well as that of state and federal organizations. We appreciate your continued support and partnership. Thank you be being a part of our community effort to address and end homelessness.

Diane Sennhoz, Committee Chair
Pam Anderson, Committee Chair
MaiGer Moua, United Way Staff


Random Thoughts by Mike Zahn

Judge Much?

Yes I do. More than I think I do. The car in front of me. The truck behind me. Talk show hosts. Politicians. General managers and coaches. Players. Teachers. Students. Old people. Young people. Servers. Customers. Church members. Church leaders. Gender, orientation, rich, poor, etc.

We humans are judgmental; we seem to have been born that way, and we are constantly judging people and situations. If we are in fact made in the image of
God, this must be true; God is referred to over and over in the Bible as a judge, and we carry that trait in our genes.

However, we are not God. God is a righteous judge,\us not always so much. Jesus cautions us about judging others, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” (Mt. 7:1), and again, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” (Jn. 8:7).

Paul does says that, “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if you are to judge the world, are you not competent to judge trivial cases?” (1 Cor. 6:2) To have a world where order rather than chaos reigns, the rule of law and judging is necessary to foster and maintain that civil society.

It seems that God is not banning me from judging— that may be impossible—He is trying to get me to judge with compassion. Jesus tells the parable of the Unmerciful Servant (Mt. 18:23-35): A king is settling accounts and a servant who owes him a lot of money begs for mercy. The king takes pity on him and cancels the debt. Then the man runs into a fellow servant who owes him some money and who begs for mercy. The first servant refuses and has the man thrown into prison. Other servants were troubled by this and reported the incident to the king, who had the first servant thrown into prison for his hardness of heart.
I need to temper my judgments with compassion, knowing that I too am a sinner facing judgment.
P.S. Thanks for your responses to placing items in the display case! This month, check out the art work of Jane Dovenbarger and Lynn Reichelt, as well as the egg collection of Marian Attoe.


Communion for Shut-Ins

A reminder that on the first Sunday of each quarter we have Communion Kits prepared for those who do the visitations and communion deliveries. We put them out in the Chapel and in the Wesleyan Room that day. We would like to see the kits delivered as soon as possible. If this is a service that you do and would like to continue please let us know so we can update our records. If this is something you would be interested in starting see us in the office.

Lay Servant Training Event

Introduction to Lay Ministry – The Basic Course

January 26, 6 – 9 p.m. and
January 27, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

At Wausau: First United Methodist
You will need the book: Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course Participant's Book by Sandy Zeigler Jackson and Brian Jackson

Available through Discipleship Ministries (;; or Important: Please read the book before the the class begins. So that we have enough space and snacks, please register by January 16 at

Our Church Volunteering Beyond Our Walls

And even as people from beyond our church join in the ministry that we began, people from our church are active in ministry far beyond our own projects. John Stange has been to a Volunteers In Mission trip this fall, youth Danielle Del Conte and Jaden Love raked leaves around Wausau on “Make A Difference Day” (along with not-quite youth Mike Zahn and Martie Pahris). Wes Ebert has been on a two-week mission trip to Lithuania to visit churches he helped to establish 15 years ago.

And these are just the ones we know of offhand. It’s not just about us, and what our branch of the church does. It’s about ministry. Everywhere.

Make a Difference Day