First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Live and Share God's Love



Here at First United Methodist Church, a person has all sorts of ways to serve –
inside the building and in the wider communities,
with indoor quiet work, with tasks that involve sweat equity.
There are ways for each person to contribute to building God’s realm on earth.
Below are just a few of the ways.


Random Thoughts

November 2019

Mike Zahn



PERSONAL NEEDS CLOSET. I had the opportunity to help at a Tuesday Personal Needs Closet in October. Since many people arrive early, I decided to get to church early and hang out with them. What a blessed experience! As I sat with them, guys at the table started sharing stories and I really enjoyed getting to know them as people. I do wonder what circumstances caused them to need to use our PNC. Occasionally, as people come through to register and do their shopping, I noticed they may share what is going on in their lives right now, but that is never a requirement. I am really impressed with the loyal workers that help with Personal Needs Closet, from those who serve on PNC days, to those behind the scenes who purchase and donate products to meet people’s needs. If you are ever looking for a way to serve people locally in a powerful way that really makes a difference, consider helping! Even if there is enough help to run the “store,” it seems to be valuable just to come early and be friends.

LAY SPEAKING. I was gone most Sundays in October because I had the opportunity to fill the pulpit at Mosinee UMC for three weeks. I am grateful to Pastor Jayneann for encouraging me to take the Lay Servant BASIC course, and for the opportunities she has provided me to speak here at our church. That, in turn, has given me other opportunities to spread the good news about Jesus else-where.

MIDDLE SCHOOL. It has also been a great opportunity this fall to learn with a great group of kids in middle school—enthusiastic, critical thinking, searching. They are keeping Betsy and me on our toes, and they do like cookies!

And finally: Be about building your relationship with God!

Display Cases

Would you like to display something in one of the cases outside the office? We would love to see it! Artwork; Collections; Antiques; Photos; anything you’d like to share. Please contact the church office at 715.842.2201.

Coffee Fellowship Hosts are needed for our fellowship time after church. Please consider signing up for a Sunday to provide some snacks and serve beverages. There are instructions in the kitchen and we have some snacks and juices available there as well. If you like to bake, we also appreciate donations of cookies, bars and breads to be kept in the freezer, labeled “Coffee Hour” and dated. Ask a friend to join you or try serving with a member of Welcome and Communications.

If you would be interested in learning more, please talk to a member of our Welcome & Communications Ministry Team—Gwen Carey, Yvonne Firary, Nancy Flath, Diane Misoni, Barb Ritchie or Sara Roquemore.


Red Cliff United Methodist Mission

The Missions Committee is working with Joan Harvey to arrange for a group from First Church to serve in mission at Red Cliff next June (15 - 21). This is a United Methodist Volunteers in Mission opportunity for families or individuals over the age of 14. Information is available at the church office or you can text Ray at 715.571.0468
Ray Nowaczyk

Christmas Giving Opportunity

It’s hard to believe but Christmas is right around the corner! Last year, the Justa Circle was very grateful for the wonderful response to our trees in the parlor that became surrounded with items for the Women’s Community. This Christmas we are focusing on helping the homeless in our area.

The Warming Shelter has an extensive list of items they could use with the people they help out all winter. We will also put together some bags of items to be distributed during the homeless count in January, for those people who do not use the Warming Shelter or Salvation Army services.

Please consider picking out an ornament or two from the tree and providing some items that are very need-ed . Suggested items are: backpacks, new men’s and women’s socks and underwear, bottled water, break-fast and soft granola bars, fruit and applesauce cups, winter/waterproof gloves and boots, hand and foot warmers, etc. Watch for the display!

An Opportunity to Give “In Kind”

The Open Door of Marathon County offer s temporary help to current and newly released inmates, clothing, a safe place once released from jail to have a coffee and talk to volunteers about the resources that are available to them.

This local agency has a need for small-sized, individual hygiene items, such as are found in hotel rooms or in the travel area in stores.

To donate these put in a grocery bag, label OPEN DOOR and set in kitchen by plastic containers next to window.

Ray Nowaczyk
Mission Ministry Team Chair