First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Monday, December 06, 2021
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Financial Narrative for October 2021

October Revenue

October Expenses
Pledged Offering
$  10,378.00
Staffing $ 19,234.58
Non-Pledged Offering $  3,890.00 Programming $ 791.21
Other Revenue
 $ 419.00 Apportionments $ 4,01 7.00
From Endowment $ 13,946.91 Building Operations $ 8,556.23
Total Revenue
$ 28,633.91 Total Expenses $ 25,183.92
    Net YTD $ (3,965.11)


Connecting Money and Your Church

November 2021

The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Whether this is the exact language of your church's mission statement or you have made yours more specific to your context, it is vital for churches and their leaders to link all of their ministries to living out that mission. When a mission links the needs of a community, the passion and call of the congregation, and is communicated clearly and regularly, the more likely it is that a ministry will thrive and be transformative.

Likewise, the more we connect giving to the mission and ministry of the church, the more likely generous people within our congregation are to give abundantly, Here are some ideas to link giving to the mission and ministry of the church.

During the offering time, have someone give 2-3 minute talk about a ministry of your church through which lives are being changed and thank people for the gifts that make that ministry possible.

When your church sends out a giving statement, include a note sharing the story of how someone was impacted by your church's ministry and thank people for making that ministry possible.

Encourage your pastor to review the monthly giving records of the congregation. Look for changes. This may reflect a life change, where pastoral care is needed. It may also be an opportunity to say thank you for an unexpected gift.

If you have questions or want to learn more, contact:
Jason Mahnke, Director of Programming & Campaigns, Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation at 608-837-9582 or

Tacos, Thrivent, and Action Teams


On Thursday, November 4, from 5:30-6:30 pm, all are invited to enjoy tacos as we learn more about a benefit through Thrivent Financial to have their Action Teams enhance our church's many missions and ministries. Every 16+ year old Thrivent Member can easily apply online to help with two projects every year. Nearly all project proposals that focus on Fun education or service is given a $250 Visa gift card from Thrivent to cover the expenses of the endeavor. Examples include using it to buy supplies for the Personal Needs Closet, Claire's Critter Closet, Community Dinner, for Bake Sales, Fundraising Dinners, and gifts for "Giving Trees' and people
in need,

If you are a member of Thrivent, please bring a laptop with you Thrivent's representative, Mandy Wright, can help each person apply for funds for their first Action Team project. If you're interested in getting.a policy through Thrivent and being able to use up to $500 every year to help with mission projects, please contact Mandy Wright at or 1-715-551-1303. Please RSVP by November 3 if you're planning on coming






You can give online by going to
Click “Donate to Your Local Church” then scroll to the bottom to find “Wausau: First UMC.” It’ll take 2 minutes to create a profile, then you’re set to give.




Want to make Gift-Giving Easy???

SCRIP can make great gifts fo this Christmas season! Without it costing you any extra money, you can support the church by buying gift cards at church that you can give away or spend just like cash.

If you would like to order some specific scrip for gift giving please let Mark or Jen Johnson know. We are going to do a big order at the beginning of December for your gift giving needs. If you would like to see what is available, there are lists in the parlor. First Church pays a $10 fee each time we place an order to handle shipping costs. So we want to limit our orders to keep the costs down. (The exception is Trigs and Culvers. They are local business we work with and are able to get Scrip cards at anytime without a processing fee.) Please feel free to contact Jen or Mark Johnson at 715-470-2527 with questions. Thank you!

Amazon, iTunes, Dick’s, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Bath & Body Works, Carnival, Delta, Eastbay, Land’s End, Royal Caribbean

Trig’s, Pick ‘n Save. Menards, Home Depot. Fleet Farm, Krist, Holiday, Kwik Trip, AutoZone

Dunkin’, Starbucks, Pizza Ranch, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Subway, Culver’s, Burger King, Hardee’s, Arby’s, Panera, Taco Bell, Papa Murphy’s, Noodles & Co, Olive Garden, Red Robin, Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas Roadhouse

Barnes & Noble, Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy, Walmart/Sam’s Club, Walgreens, CVS, Great Clips, Hilton Garden Inn

About This Guest Writing

Do you have a recent faith story you feel led to share? Has God touched your life in a way that begs to be repeated? If you would like to put something in an upcoming edition of the Messenger, speak to Mike Zahn. Maybe we can include your story in the coming months.

Texas Roadhouse Dine-to-Donate Sundays

Enjoy a meal while raising money for your church. Bring in your church bulletin or newsletter and give it to your server along with your receipt. Then from your total, you receive 10% back.

A seven-week class to help adults reduce falls and stay active. In this interactive weekly class, learn about balance
and strength exercises, safety at home, and ways to be strong and steady wherever you go. Classes are held at the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin, 600 Stewart Avenue Suite 25.

For information, call 715.261.6070
A contribution of $10 for the full 7-week session is suggested, but is not required to attend.

Lay Leadership Report 2020


Some of you have faithfully been writing checks to pay down the loan on the church’s parking lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Yes, we’re still taking funds for this excellent cause. You can write a separate check, or write a single one and identify how the money is to be split. Either way, we appreciate your contribution toward the physical structures of our church. Thank you, again!

Beautify the Church Office

Did your Norfolk Island Pine get too big for the room while it was outside all summer? Would you like to gift it to a location where people will truly appreciate it? The church office is looking for just such a plant. Call or email Joan at the office to talk about giving your plant a new home.

Help Your Church Do Ministry

Would you like to give of yourself to the church but don’t know how? Do you have a secondary laptop (Windows 10 or newer) at home that you could gift to our ministries? This could be your way to serve the First United Methodist Church is in need of one (or possibly two) laptops. The “Volunteer” computer in the office is old enough that it can’t do the work asked of it. The laptop attached to the projector uses Window 3 and does not support newer PowerPoints or videos.

Mission Giving Without Pain

UMW collects Kwik Trip bottle caps, pull tabs and “box tops for education” for missions. Kwik Trip caps go to Harbor House, a UMW sponsored women’s shelter, “box tops for education” are sent to Redbird Mission in Kentucky, and pull tabs are sent to Ronald McDonald House. For your convenience there are collection baskets in the parlor. And remember, aluminum cans are collected for our own mission trip.