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Saturday, March 25, 2017
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First UMC in the Wausau Community and World

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FUMC Missions


March Mission Offering
United Methodist Committee on Relief

One of United Methodism’s crowning achievements and greatest gift to the world is the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). This relief organization is not only one of the most competent in the world - to the extent that it is routinely asked to take charge over all relief efforts in major disasters - but because its administrative costs are paid by our apportionment giving, donations made to specific disasters all go to that relief effort without one penny being taken out for operating expenses.

In March we celebrate what used to be called One Great Hour of Sharing and is now simply called UMCOR Sunday, a day of special offerings to support their work. Here, we are declaring the entire month UMCOR Month and will be collecting for this great ministry all through March.



Campbell’s Labels
Milk Moola Caps

Many of us have been saving labels from Campbell’s cans to be redeemed by Northcott Neighborhood House in Milwaukee. This month, Campbell’s is discontinuing this program, so we will no longer be collecting those at the church.
Also, please bring in any “Milk Moola” caps from milk purchased at Kwik Trip stores as soon as possible. The caps will be taken to Mission u in Wisconsin Rapids July 24th.


 Thank You Again  for your generous
Christmas Eve donations  of food and personal items.


UMW, Making Mission Practical  

Fair Trade - Equal Exchange Coffee. This is a small gesture you can make to provide fair wages to coffee, tea, and cocoa producers throughout the world. It can be your personal mission project!
Tanzanian Jubilee Coffee and Café’ Salvador are regular drip grind coffeeand are the most popular. Decaf, drip grind, organic whole bean and flavored coffees are available also, as are organic hot cocoa mix and herbal/organic tea. Supplies are in the cupboard next to the fireplace in the parlor.

Regular ground - $8
Whole bean - $8
Ground flavored - $9
All decaf - $9
All teas - $4
Hot Chocolate - $6
Organic very dark Chocolate bars - $3
To purchase take your product, place the money (check or cash) in a brown envelope (in the cupboard) and put the envelope in the drop slot near the church office.


"Point in Time Count" and breakfast for the homeless in Wausau

Point in Time Count Photo 1


Valentine’s Day - A Mission Story - Pastor Jerry

Valentine’s Day fell on the second Tuesday of the month this year, which is when our Personal Needs Closet was open. So I had already spent two hours with Ann Chopp and Tom Kufahl, greeting guests and helping them to eke out their monthly budgets with a few household supplies. I went back to my office at 3:00 to get a few things done before the office closed.

Instead, the phone rang. It was a woman named Jenny standing at the corner of 6th and Turner. She and her boyfriend, Ryan, were homeless. They had been staying with friends in Plover, but Jenny had a job interview at a store here in Wausau on Thursday. They had taken the first ride they could get up here, since they didn’t have their own vehicle, hoping to stay at the Salvation Army until the interview.

They couldn’t get in. They had tried calling 211 for help, tried the Community Action Program, which often helps people with short-term housing. They had Food Share, so they could eat, but they needed a safe place to stay.

I gave them directions to church and told them to come here while I made some calls. In the end, we got them a room for three nights at Motel 6 (formerly Days Inn, on 17th Ave). Motel 6, under new management, is bright, clean, cheerful, with friendly staff, and only $36 a night. You paid for their shelter from your church’s Emergency Fund, and Jenny cried all the way to the hotel.

Not many know about our Emergency Fund. We don’t publicize it. But since we started it, we have given out almost $8,000.00. Mostly, we help with partial rent or utility payments. But we’ve helped people with (non-narcotic) prescriptions, even once paying for a bicycle repair. We limit gifts to a maximum of $200, and we will only help people one time. All disbursements have to be approved by the pastor, who alone has access to the names and records of our gifts.

Why do I write all this now? Because after our $119.13 hotel bill on Valentine’s Day, the Emergency Fund is sitting at about $50. It may be that this ministry is one that speaks to you, one that you would like to support. If so, you know where to find us.

Thank you, everyone who brought food as a love gift to the Women’s Community on February 12. We took a truckload of food over to them.

Our next food collection will be on April 9 (Palm Sunday). Watch for bags to be distributed the two Sundays before it.

Valentine’s Day at the PNC

We had a new kind of family show up at our Personal Needs Closet this month, on February 14. Catholic Charities, which manages the Warming Center, has opened a transitional living house to help some of their residents get back on their feet. Three men are now sharing that house, and one of them came to the PNC. “Can I just get stuff for myself or do I count as a family of three?” he asked. “You’re a family, sir. Help yourself.” Then I asked, “How is the new house? I’ve heard of it.”

“It’s great,” he said. “Way better than under the bridge.”

Our Church Volunteering Beyond Our Walls

And even as people from beyond our church join in the ministry that we began, people from our church are active in ministry far beyond our own projects. John Stange has been to a Volunteers In Mission trip this fall, youth Danielle Del Conte and Jaden Love raked leaves around Wausau on “Make A Difference Day” (along with not-quite youth Mike Zahn and Martie Pahris). Wes Ebert has been on a two-week mission trip to Lithuania to visit churches he helped to establish 15 years ago.

And these are just the ones we know of offhand. It’s not just about us, and what our branch of the church does. It’s about ministry. Everywhere.

Make a Difference Day