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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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First United Methodist Church in the Wausau Community and World

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FUMC Missions

July/August  Mission Offerings

The July Mission Offering will be for the Volunteers in Mission Red Cliff Band mission trip and ongoing support. This Mission serves the residents of the reservation and deepens the relationship with the native community there. Tasks include repair of buildings, building ramps and assisting with daily tasks. Donations will also provide supplies for the early childhood program and clothing for children.
August Mission Offering supports our Community Meal Ministry. On the 5th Sunday of a month, we take the lead in providing a community meal for anyone who is hungry.

Remember, all change put into the offering plate on Sunday morning goes to our monthly mission! Use a small brown envelope from the pew rack for bills. Or write “Mission of the Month” on the memo line on your check.
Remember that the Mission Offering must be clearly marked. Either write a note on your check or use the brown envelopes in the back of the pew. Just loose change in the offering plate will not go to the monthly offering.


Campbell’s Labels
Milk Moola Caps

Many of us have been saving labels from Campbell’s cans to be redeemed by Northcott Neighborhood House in Milwaukee. This month, Campbell’s is discontinuing this program, so we will no longer be collecting those at the church.
Also, please bring in any “Milk Moola” caps from milk purchased at Kwik Trip stores as soon as possible. The caps will be taken to Mission u in Wisconsin Rapids July 24th.


UMW, Making Mission Practical  

Fair Trade - Equal Exchange Coffee. This is a small gesture you can make to provide fair wages to coffee, tea, and cocoa producers throughout the world. It can be your personal mission project!
Tanzanian Jubilee Coffee and Café’ Salvador are regular drip grind coffeeand are the most popular. Decaf, drip grind, organic whole bean and flavored coffees are available also, as are organic hot cocoa mix and herbal/organic tea. Supplies are in the cupboard next to the fireplace in the parlor.

Regular ground - $8
Whole bean - $8
Ground flavored - $9
All decaf - $9
All teas - $4
Hot Chocolate - $6
Organic very dark Chocolate bars - $3
To purchase take your product, place the money (check or cash) in a brown envelope (in the cupboard) and put the envelope in the drop slot near the church office.




We would like to fill up the pages of our newsletter. If there is an event, celebration or piece of news you would like to share, please call the office at 715-842-2201 or email


Are you interested in becoming an Aspirus Comfort Care & Hospice Volunteer?

Volunteers provide a comforting presence and emotional/ social support to our patients and their families in our Hospice Program. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to help patients in their end-of life journey, live in dignity and peace while helping to offer a pain-free and comfortable environment.

To become an Aspirus Hospice Volunteer, please call the Aspirus Comfort Care and Hospice Volunteer Coordinators, Samantha Stroik or Tasha Stencil at 715-847-2424 or toll free at 866-331-2467 for more information, please visit our website go to the middle of the page and click on “Aspirus Wausau Hospital and Aspirus Comfort Care and Hospice Services”. Click on “apply now” to start the process of becoming a hospice volunteer! Training is based on your schedule and needs.

Growing Generous Givers Team

Below you’ll find a poem in a text box. The writer intended that her name not be associated with it. But assuring her that just about everyone who writes poetry believes they do it badly, I’ve included it because it’s important for you to know that Betsy’s part of the Growing Generous Givers Team. G.G.G., for short. What’s that?! Just one more group asking for our money? Yes, and no. At last night’s meeting, we talked about our goal for the G.G.G. One person spoke of getting people to give money. Then next added that it’s more than that. It’s about giving in all ways in our lives, including our time. A third person wrapped it up saying that it’s about changing the way we understand our giving.

The Growing Generous Givers Team will continue to unpack what it means to live as generous people. In so many ways we live our lives from a place of scarcity. It seems to be how the world operates. How do we live if we approach life from a place of abundance? Watch and listen for more from us in the upcoming months.
Pastor Jayneann McIntosh

A Chat with DR. SEUSS about Growing Generous Givers by a very BAD poet

If I could sit on my front porch and chat with Dr. Seuss,
Would we just be silly and talk about the flavor of orange juice?
What would he have to say about the church's generosity?
I'm sure he would somehow relate it to the moon's luminosity!

What would Dr. Seuss tell our kids about charity?
Give with all your spirit in great sincerity.
Would he think that I have a generous heart?
I can plainly see the answer on his goofy pie-chart!
What would he say to the adults here today?
Be nonsensicle but also generous and giving in every way!
Betsy Duginsky, member of
Growing Generous Givers Ministry team


All Church E-Prayer Chain
If you’re a church member and didn’t receive a test email this month for our new All Church E-Prayer Chain, we may not have the correct email address for you on file. Please connect with Joan to update your contact information.

Communion for Shut-Ins

A reminder that on the first Sunday of each quarter we have Communion Kits prepared for those who do the visitations and communion deliveries. We put them out in the Chapel and in the Wesleyan Room that day. We would like to see the kits delivered as soon as possible. If this is a service that you do and would like to continue please let us know so we can update our records. If this is something you would be interested in starting see us in the office.