First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Live and Share God's Love


Here at First United Methodist Church, a person has all sorts of ways to get involved – inside the building and in the wider communities, with indoor quiet work, with tasks that involve sweat equity. There are ways for each person to contribute to building God’s realm on earth. Below are just a few of the ways.
The Aesthetics Ministry Team is made up of a small group of dedicated church members – Beth Burke, Nancy Bogumill, Maggie Schoenfeld and Don & Sue Kissinger – who along with a lot of volunteers, keep our church building and grounds looking great. The landscaping around our church is beautifully maintainedby Mary and Tony Borchardt.

The most recent project the Aesthetics Team has undertaken is the redecorating of the entrance hallways from the north parking lot. Beth and Nancy spent countless hours this summer painting the walls, ceilings and doors to help make our church more welcoming to everyone as they enter our building. This project should be completed soon with the addition of new flooring and lighting plus some decorative features.

Past Aesthetic Team projects have included the redecorating of: Fellowship Hall (paint, curtains, artwork), the Chapel (pew cushions, carpet, paint, deep cleaning), the B.K. Smith Room (paint, carpet, curtains, decorating), the Sanctuary (pew cushions, carpet), and the Parlor (carpet, chair reupholstery, window blinds, artwork (Jesus & the 12 Apostles) plus many more smaller projects throughout the building. Every fall and spring, the Aesthetics Team hosts an All-Church Clean-up and invites members of the congregation to pitch-in and help make their worship house look BEAUTIFUL! Hope you can join us this fall for our next clean-up day. Watch the Messenger for details!

The Worship Design MinistryTeam prayerfully assists the pastor and music director with some of the planning of the worship services for the congregation. We give feedback on what things worked (or didn't work so well) and where the worship experience could be improved.

We realize that worship is experienced in many ways, depending on the personal backgrounds of the churchgoers and, most importantly, that the worship service is for sharing the Good News!
The Welcome & Communications Ministry Team focuses on ways to make our church a more welcoming congregation, one that demonstrates “Open Hearts, Open Doors, and Open Minds.” Our responsibilities include coordinating coffee hour, greeters and ushers, maintaining our website and Facebook page; and planning special events, such as Family Game Night, the All Church Picnic, and the recent Pie and Ice Cream Social. Our next event is Kabob Sunday on September 9. We will be kicking off the start of Faith Formation.

And so we offer suggestions and lead activities for special worship like Messy Church or Church in the courtyard or intergenerational activities. We plan and prepare some of the visual effects that you may have noticed during Advent or Lent and have coordinated skits or dramas in the past.

At our meetings, the team prays, listens, shares thoughts and ideas and then waits for the Holy Spirit to nudge us with an answer. The Spirit must have a sense of humor because out of our laughter and prayers there often comes a creative, innovative idea to use in worship that may bring others closer to God.