First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Sunday, January 19, 2020
Live and Share God's Love



Here at First United Methodist Church, a person has all sorts of ways to serve –
inside the building and in the wider communities,
with indoor quiet work, with tasks that involve sweat equity.
There are ways for each person to contribute to building God’s realm on earth.
Below are just a few of the ways.


A Chance to Support Claire thru Helping St. Judes

With Claire Hornby, a member of our church family, returning regularly to St. Jude’s Children’s Re-search Hospital you may be interested in supporting this medical facility.

Some of you have donated toward the costs the family has and will continue to incur. Lin Strong has supplied us with another possibility! Tri Delta Place, one of the places they stayed has a Wish List!

Teen & Adult Items:

Handheld Video Games
Gift Cards
Music Items
Makeup and Accessories
Totes & Travel Bags

Community Dinner

The community dinner is an exciting ministry with food and fellowship! We serve the dinner at the Presbyterian church. The 2020 dates are as follows: Jan 26, March 29, May 31, Aug 30 and Nov 29.

Please note the January date is not the 5th Sunday as is our usual practice. We helped out another group that needed to switch so in January it is the 4th Sunday. That is the only change for 2020. The December 2019 will not be done as we are doing the January 2020 instead.

Display Cases

Would you like to display something in one of the cases outside the office? We would love to see it! Artwork; Collections; Antiques; Photos; anything you’d like to share. Please contact the church office at 715.842.2201.

Downtown Memory Café

“A flagship ministry” of First Church, the Downtown Memory Café is a once-monthly gathering for people living with early stages of dementia, short term memory loss or mild cognitive impairment—along with their care partners.

Dementia-trained volunteers create positive social connection, lively conversation, music, activities, programs, re-sources and refreshments for members and visitors on the 3rd Thursday of each month, 10:30 am – Noon.

Celebrating our 6th year in 2020, find our complete schedule of events under CARE or OUTREACH on the church website.

If you see one of these fine volunteers, please tell them thank you! They are: Mary Ann Dykes, Terry & Nancy Flath, Joe Fortmann, Molly Hoffmann, Bernice Kohlman, Steve Loftus, Carol Machek, Patty Mayo, Kathy Milkowski, Mark Milne, Stan & Alice Schacht, Charlie & Maggie Schoenfeld, Bill Seidl, Bill & Patti Shirer, Anna Straub, Ellen Straub, Nancy Turner, Mike Zahn and Dolores Zwahlen.

Consider escorting a friend or loved one to the Downtown Memory Café—Free!

Maggie Schoenfeld

An Opportunity to Give “In Kind”

The Open Door of Marathon County offer s temporary help to current and newly released inmates, clothing, a safe place once released from jail to have a coffee and talk to volunteers about the resources that are available to them.

This local agency has a need for small-sized, individual hygiene items, such as are found in hotel rooms or in the travel area in stores.

To donate these put in a grocery bag, label OPEN DOOR and set in kitchen by plastic containers next to window.

Ray Nowaczyk
Mission Ministry Team Chair