First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Thursday, December 13, 2018
Live and Share God's Love


Deaths: We grieve this month with the loss of these members of our church or of our families,
Kenneth Scheffler, a long time member of our congregation, died Wednesday Nov. 21. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time, as well as our own congregation.

Cookie Walk December 16th

Savvy Seniors will meet on Monday, El Mezcal, 3100 Rib Mt Drive.

United Methodist Women

December 10
Advent Fellowship, 7:00 pm
(Program will be Center Stage)

December 13
Cookie Baking Day

December 15
Cookie Walk Set-Up

December 16
Cookie Walk

United Methodist Women is an organization of approximately 800,000 members world-wide. Our history goes back to the 1800’s when women in local churches organized as missionary societies to support the mission work of the Methodist Church. Some of the early work was responsible for the development of schools, and health clinics in China and India. In the United States this “early work” assisted women who had moved into cities. They came looking for employment. But often they needed safe and affordable housing. Being a supportive community was part of this mission. These early mission societies were involved in ending slavery; ending the production and use of alcohol; and securing the right of women to vote and own property.

Today we continue to work in mission for the benefit of women, children and youth. The Unit at First United Methodist Church pledges (and pays) $6,000 annually to the Wisconsin Conference and National budgets to support projects nationally and internationally. This is in addition to our own local, district and conference projects. Some of us participate on mission teams contributing our labor and resources for specific projects. Some of us participate in spiritual grown retreats and social action days. Some of us attend Mission U to broaden our understanding of topics related to our faith journey, environment and a variety of social justice issues. There are Jurisdiction and National events such as the quadrennial assembly. The assembly is an opportunity to connect with our sisters worldwide. We worship together and explore topics relating to the welfare of women, children and youth.

Who can be a United Methodist Women? Anyone who wishes to be a part of a community whose purpose is to know God; to be in a creative supportive fellowship and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

The Sunshine Gals will be taking sunshine again to two nursing facilities on the first Wednesdays of the month. If you’d like to join us with singing and sharing, please call Arlene Trull at 715.359.7756. She will give more information. They will be starting again on September 5th, and having breakfast together first.

Our 9:03 Breakthrough Prayer

At First United Methodist Church, we believe in the power of prayer. We believe that God works through us to do God’s great thing in our lives and in the life of the world.

In September, we took a new step in our congregational prayer life. Every day at 9:03 a.m. and p.m. (or when it works for us) we pause and ask God to be active in and through the life of First Church. Of course, God is always active everywhere, always working to bring from God’s kingdom on earth. But unless we’re paying attention, we can miss it. So the breakthrough part of “Breakthrough Prayer” is really about us noticing.

God, our hope beyond our own abilities and our light in the shadows, help us to draw close to you and to notice your actions that are as many and as varied as the snowflakes. Let something wonderful begin through us. Amen.

We’ve added a second prayer for our younger set, or for anybody who wants an easy-to-memorize way to join in. Please… join us.

We want to trust you, God. We want to follow where you lead. Help us to notice and follow you every day. Amen.

Keep praying, everyone! If you haven’t started, that’s okay—Begin now.

Cookie Baking Day

The UMW will be working on a mission project Thursday, December 13th 9:00 am to about 4:00 pm, or whenever we are done. We’re looking for cookie bakers - we’ll provide the cookie dough and equipment. Please join us in fellowship for any time during that day. Bring a sack lunch if you’re able to stay into the afternoon, and any cookie dough or special cookie
cutters you would like to use.

On Friday, December 14th we will be decorating cutout cookies from 9:00am-???

Think of someone who would enjoy a Christmas treat and surprise them! It’s a win-win, because the profits go to our mission work and you get to enjoy our specialties.

We will also have pre-boxed treats in a Christmas box. If you wish to donate cookies or candy to help us, they can be brought to the church on Friday the 14th or Saturday the 15th. Any questions, please call Nancy Flath at 715-446-3252.

Random Thoughts by Mike Zahn

December 2018

11 Things I Love About This Church

Most lists go to 10, but this one goes to 11. . .

1. Jesus Christ—in word and action we try to follow Him, and help each other strive toward His perfection. Our whole existence is to glorify God through Jesus.

2. Choir - It is a family and a joy to be part of the music.

3. Handbells—As good as Choir, but I get to just close my eyes and bask in the sound.

4. Social Media- more specifically, how people in our church use it. For good. Family photos and sharing positive things.

5. Behind-the-Scenes Servants—There are so many people here who do so many things unseen that are so important to the life of our congregation and to God’s family.

6. Monday Night Yoga- Maggie leads a tight-knit group in exercise and spiritual presence.

7. Wednesday Night Live- there is a sweet spirit on Wednesday nights, and the kitchen crew is the best! I hear music and laughter that I want to share with the world..

8. The Building - Yes, it’s sprawling, and so early 1960’s. But I remember coming through the front door from the YMCA parking lot and feeling like I’d arrived at home.

9. The Organ- What a magnificent blessing! And we’ve had a number of great musicians who have made this grand instrument come alive over the decades.

10. The Art—There is amazing artwork everywhere in our church. My dream is to open it up on Artrageous Weekend and give tours.

11. Missions—people here like doing things for people. A dozen members have been working for a year to prepare for Mission Guatemala. Local missions and outreach like Personal Needs Closet, Downtown Memory Café, Ramp-Up, and ones you haven’t even thought of. . . yet.

You all have so many gifts. We collectively have so much of God’s love to share. Next time you meet someone new, especially at church, greet them with the love you have shown me, and our sprawling building will not be large enough to hold everyone. Merry Christmas!