First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Saturday, February 29, 2020
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From the Pastor

Jayneann McIntosh



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From Pastor Jayneann's Pen

As I have been preparing sermons each week based upon the 12-Steps used by A.A. and other groups, I have been amazed at how much they mirror the Good News message that we find in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ teachings and ministry.
  • Our lives are unmanageable on our own. We need God!
  • Faith is holistic—body, mind & spirit.
  • Our _______ (stuff, fill in the blank) keeps us from focusing on Jesus’ message. We need to give them over to God.
  • Relationships are #1. If one needs fixing, do that first!
  • When you hurt someone, admit it. Mend the breach.
  • Face-to-face is usually best but not always. Pray about it.
  • God wants us each to live wholeheartedly.
This month we continue the series with Steps 10-12, wrapping up just in time for Lent.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on February 26th. Looking ahead, during Lent we will reflect on four words, “seek, call, forsake, return.” More later.

Looking back for a moment, in early January, a group of United Methodist laity and clergy, from progressive to conservative and from around the world, offered us all “A Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation,” a document negotiated to help our denomination effect an amicable split. You may have heard about it, or even seen me on TV talking about it.

The Council of Bishops quickly approved this Protocol and we can expect it to be key in conversation and legislation at May’s General Conference in Minneapolis.

There are many who hope that this will succeed even as we grieve over a possible break within our Church Body. Yet as we grieve, it is a sad truth that for 47 years The United Methodist Church has struggled unsuccessfully to find a resolution that all would support around our treatment of a large segment of humanity. In this, we have done harm.

This Protocol is supported by all who participated in drafting it. It offers us and our denomination a chance to end this decades-old conflict. If accepted at General Conference, it will allow those who believe in full inclusion, welcome and acceptance of all God’s people openly to practice such hospitality and to work on healing while also allowing those who favor a traditional understanding of scripture to maintain their practices.

The one thing we can count on in life is change.

BUT... it is not a done deal. There are still hurdles and May is not so far away. Please pray for all who will be participating in General Conference. Pray for those who are preparing legislation to be presented there. Pray for church folks who grieve the possible split and those who are already celebrating. Pray for our gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual sisters and brothers who have felt keenly that they are not fully accepted and welcomed—not really.

And if/when you hear anyone speak of The United Methodist Church, let them know that we haven’t split. And let them know that we are still here on the corner of McIndoe and 3rd.