First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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From the Pastor

Jayneann McIntosh




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From Pastor Jayneann's Pen

On my way to or from Israel/Palestine in November (I don’t remember which, those flights are all a blur) I watched the movie Avatar. It was a way to pass some time. Being environmentally minded I enjoyed the movie, but I’m not going to talk about that.

In the course of the movie, the lead male and female characters bonded. I was struck by the way in which their culture – fictional though it was – identified that they were claiming the relationship.

“I see you.”

It’s a special thing when we feel that someone really, truly sees us as we are. So often we want to remake people and they want to remake us. We want to fit others in the niches we already have in our lives. Instead of welcoming them in all their quirky fullness, we say or hear, “If only you’d… (fill in the blank)” or “Why do you…”

How wonderful when we can know a person completely and accept them just as they are. And how precious it is to us when we feel known and accepted just as we are.

Two thousand years ago, people were always around Jesus because of his preaching, teaching, and healing. Jesus truly saw all the people; and as a result, people were always with him.

As we work to ma ke more and deeper connections in our communities, we would do well to follow Jesus’ example, to notice how he responded to the crowds.

Beginning February 10th, we will be starting a new worship series called, “See All the People.”

In this Season after Epiphany (that’s what we call the time after Christmas but before Lent) let’s see what new and familiar ways we can come up with to make connections with the people in our communities.

Besides this, let’s keep going with our Breakthrough Prayer. This prayer is a way for all of us, together, to ask God to reveal the direction God would have us go, the ministries God would have us tackle, the people God would have us know. Like I mentioned last month, we are asking God to do what we cannot do on our own – even when it means changing our church, even when it means changing ourselves.
God, our hope beyond our own abilities and our light in the shadows, help us to draw close to you and to notice your actions that are as many and as varied as the snowflakes. Let something wonderful begin through us. Amen.
So let’s keep praying. And let’s keep watching for some of the many ways that God is breaking through into the life of First Church.