First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Live and Share God's Love

From the Pastor

Jayneann McIntosh


From Pastor Jayneann's Pen



First off, let me say clearly that All Prayer Counts! Absolutely. Still, what is prayer? This is an important question, especially as we embark on our Breakthrough Prayer Initiative September 9th.

Some things that prayer is NOT: Prayer is not a word habit of the mind; it’s never against other people; and it’s not just for asking God to protect us.

Okay, that’s done. So, what IS prayer? Prayer is a request that God do God’s thing. It aligns us with God’s purpose. It’s not necessarily words (or out loud). Prayer opens the door for God to work with us and through us.

There are all sorts of ways to pray, lots of styles. People pray with the lights on or off; seated, standing, walking or lying down. Some prayers are very specific, others quite general. Many people use words; some pray with images.

Meister Eckhart, a German theologian, philosopher and mystic who lived about 700 years ago, said, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” I’ve liked this quote since I first read it. “Thank You” prayers are among my favorites.

A couple others that are special to me… My mother had a plaque in the kitchen that read

Bless my little kitchen Lord I love its every nook And bless me as I do my work, Wash pots and pans and cook. 

I read that so many times in my youth I memorized it. As a gardener, I’m fond of this one by Dorothy Frances Gurney. It’s not actually a prayer maybe but it’s about drawing close to God – which is kind of the point. 

The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer God's heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth.


In what ways do you pray for God to do God’s thing? How do you request a God-sized miracle?

On September 9th, we’ll be kicking off our program year. Sunday School (Faith Formation) classes will begin for children and youth. (Adults go year-round.) We’ll remind ourselves
about the ministries of our church asking ourselves what God is calling us to participate in. We’ll eat kabobs (or kebobs).

And we’ll introduce Breakthrough Prayer. Believe me, it’s exciting. Or don’t believe me – ask Mike or Dick or Martie or Wes or Charmaine or Jane or Margaret. We all went to a training in June and are looking forward to talking about what we learned. Because you see, while we
all pray, sometimes we forget to pray for some of the most important things – like our church.

Be sure to come on September 9th, not only to worship but to discover another way we can invite God to share new possibilities for First United Methodist Church of Wausau.