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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Jayneann McIntosh


From Pastor Jayneann's Pen


Why is it that people will stop at a red light twelve feet from that wide white line but at stop signs they pass the line entirely and even the pedestrian crossing zone? And people can respond differently at one intersection than they do at another.
Maybe this is a metaphor for the ways that each of us respond to similar circumstances in unique ways. When faced with the same challenge, one will ponder it almost endlessly another will run toward it while another runs away. And who’s to say which is the “right” way?

Some of you may be thinking – and praying? – about ways God as Spirit may be leading you to respond differently in this new year. Maybe that One would have you practice more caution or maybe you’re being let to move forward more assertively. If you haven’t already been praying, I invite you to do so. Ask God for guidance, “In what ways, would you have me behave differently this year?”

I’ll do the same. Then we’ll pay attention for how God lead us.

Okay, while that traffic question isn’t one that would keep you up nights, there are plenty of questions that are truly significant. This month our worship series will look at a few of them. (You can see the themes on the back page.)

Since the themes are already laid out, I’m not asking this time about what questions trouble you but I will do that some other time. Maybe you could jot them down and leave the sheet in your bible so you’ll know where it is when I ask. You do read your bible, right?

Speaking of bible reading, I’ve read plenty there that’s troubled me. Haven’t you? Maybe you’d like to join the study that starts next week called Making Sense of the Bible. You’ll need to order your own book but you’re certainly welcome. I’ve ordered the accompanying DVD and we’ll have plenty of conversation. That’s it for now. See you Sunday!

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