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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Sermon Series: Big Questions by a Dreamer: How Joseph's Life Inspires Ours

In September and October we’ll be exploring the life of Joseph, who was the son of Jacob, grandson of Isaac, and great-grandson of Abraham. He lived with real-life hardships in bewildering times. From the time he was young, he understood how to see and trust in the goodness of God no matter what the circumstances are. In the words of Ray Pritchard, he was...

Loved by his father. Hated and betrayed by his brothers. Sold for 20 pieces of silver. Falsely accused. Judged guilty of a crime he did not commit. Abandoned and forgotten. Promoted after his suffering. The means of salvation even for those who betrayed him.

Join us for the next two months to be inspired by the stories of Joseph and see how his life was a foreshadowing of Christ’s life and love for us.

Drive-In Communion Service

Thank you to all the volunteers and participants who made our first Drive-In Communion Service something that filled our hearts with Christ and faces with smiles! We've decided to offer two more before the weather turns cold. Please mark Sunday, September 13and Sunday, October 4at 10am on your calendars to join us for Drive-In Communion services again.October 4 is also World Communion Sunday, which is particularly meaningful to join in communion with Christians throughout the world as a sign of Christ bringing us together in unity.

More window art facing parking lot on Fulton Street.

UM's and Holy Communion

The United Methodist Church recognizes two sacraments, baptism and communion. These two acts have a special place in the church because Jesus commanded them and participated in them. Through the years, Christians have used other sacramental acts to draw closer to God. While we do not recognize these others as sacraments, we participate in many of them.

The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, and the Eucharist are all names for this sacrament celebrated by United Methodists. Each of these names highlights an aspect of this act of worship.

According to This Holy Mystery, The United Methodist Church’s official document on communion, “The Lord’s Supper reminds us that Jesus Christ is the host and that we participate at Christ’s invitation.… The term Holy Communion invites us to focus on the selfgiving of the Holy God which makes the sacrament an occasion of grace, and on the holiness of our communion with God and one another.… Eucharist, from the  Greek word for thanksgiving, reminds us that the sacrament is thanksgiving to God for the gifts of creation and salvation.”

Who can assist the pastor in communion?

Communion is one of the responsibilities and duties of a pastor. The pastor may "train deacons and lay members to serve the consecrated communion elements.” During worship "lay persons as well as other clergy may assist the pastor in giving the bread and cup.”

This Holy Mystery explains, "The Communion elements are consecrated and consumed in the context of the gathered congregation. The Table may be extended, in a timely manner, to include those unable to attend because of age, illness, or similar conditions. Laypeople may distribute the consecrated elements in the congregation and extend them to members who are unavoidably absent…."

Do United Methodists believe the communion elements actually become the body and blood of Christ?

This Holy Mystery says, “The Christian church has struggled through the centuries to understand just how Christ is present in the Eucharist. Arguments and divisions have occurred over the matter. The Wesleyan tradition affirms the reality of Christ's presence, although it does not claim to be able to explain it fully.… Our tradition asserts the real, personal, living presence of Jesus Christ. For United Methodists, the Lord's Supper is anchored in the life of the historical Jesus of Nazareth, but is not primarily a remembrance or memorial. We do not embrace the medieval doctrine of transubstantiation, though we do believe that the elements are essential tangible means through which God works. We understand the divine presence in temporal and relational terms.”

Why do we serve grape juice instead of wine for Holy Communion?

In the history of the church, wine has been the normal drink. In the 19th century, Methodists and other denominations were persuaded that unfermented juice was an important witness to the grace of God and of the churches’ resistance to the abuses of alcohol. The United Methodist Book of Worship explains, "Although the historic and ecumenical Christian practice has been to use wine, the use of unfermented grape juice by The United Methodist Church and its predecessors since the late nineteenth century expresses pastoral concern for recovering alcoholics, enables the participation of children and youth, and supports the church's witness of abstinence.

Can children take communion?

In The United Methodist Church, children are welcome to receive communion. Our Book of Worship explains, "All who intend to lead a Christian life, together with their children, are invited to receive the bread and cup.”

May a person who has not been baptized participate in Holy Communion?

Yes, our church does not seek to close God's Table, although the historic and normal order of the sacraments is baptism first – as birth into the family – and communion following, as continuing nurture at the family table.

Why Bother with Choirs?

Singing in Choir...

Provides a healthy creative and artistic balance to heavily data-based education.

Is therapeutic, giving singers the chance to momentarily put aside their other pressures and concerns.
Is an effective vehicle for developing faith using music and church history.
Develops poise under pressure.

Teaches the value of teamwork.

Develops young people’s sense of culture and sophistication by adding beauty and aesthetic depth to worship.

Teaches the value of careful preparation in reaching goals.

Teaches a sense of responsibility and setting priorities.

Provides the foundation for a lifetime enjoyment of music.

Gives members a sense of pride and self-worth by showing singers that their individual leadership, demeanor and discipline make a significant to the success of the group

Sunday Worship Times

8:00 a.m Morning Chapel
10:00 a.m Worship in the Sanctuary

With Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday of the month. As United Methodists, we practice Open Communion. All who are seeking God are welcome at Christ’s table.

Worship services have temporarily moved online. Live Worship will reconvene based upon the direction from the Marathon County Health Department, Wisconsin Department of Health, and/or CDC. Please stay safe.

It is important to take care of ourselves right now. If you do have needs that require the pastor or other staff members, please call  the church office (715) 842-2201 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please watch and share our Virtual Online Services by clicking the link provided on our Home Page or by clicking on either of the links below.

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Sunday, September 6

14th Sunday After Pentecost

Theme: Do You Know Why You Were Born?
Text: Genesis 37

Sunday, September 13

15th Sunday After Pentecost

Theme: Do You Know Who You Are?
Text: Genesis 39

Sunday, September 20

16th Sunday After Pentecost

Are You Willing to Wait for God?
Text: Genesis 40

Sunday, September 27

17th Sunday After Pentecost

How Big is Your God?
Text: Genesis 41

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Growing Generous Givers. It’s another part of the MCCI resourcing initiative. What we do is look at First Church’s ways and talk about how we do things that encourage (or discourage) people from being active and involved in church, and about ways we can teach people to practice the kind of generosity that we are called to model in our lives as Christ-followers.)